So, The Crazy Ones wasn’t exactly a solid first season of television but I really came to enjoy all the characters and the chemistry between them. It’s one of CBS’s few holdouts for renewals but there’s a lot of potential in this series and I would hate for it to be one of the few causalities of CBS’s 2013-2014 season.

I’m about to do something, and if you like it I want you to tell me. And if you don’t, never talk about it again.


i can learn to love the shittiest anime ever as long as there are cute girls

I also added more much needed Fluttershy to my pony collection with a figure from Funko’s vinyl collection and the Crystal Princess Celebration line (pictured above).

Also seen: Fluttershy Equestria Girl doll, Celestia Equestria Girl doll and pony set, Princess Celestia from McDonalds, and Crystal Princess Celebration Sunset Shimmer.

Not Pictured: McDonalds Rarity and Pinkie Pie.

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Care Bear purchases from the Tri-Cities trip: the new DiC DVDs released last year and two blind bag purchases, Bedtime and Best Friend.

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It’s a good thing I wasn’t that interested in the upcoming X-Men movie because there’s no chance I’m going to see it now.

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okay josh

Off to Tri-Cities for the rest of the week. Laters.

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